Personal Education Tablet

Laboratory Practicals
One area of major weakness in the current educational system is the lack of laboratories for practicals in science subjects in many of the schools. pet2Students are thus unable to have full and complete knowledge of science subjects as practical demontrations that form a major component of such subjects are not covered.
PETSS effectively takes care of this problem by having complete audio-visual record of practicals so that students can see and observe, as they would have done in a real laboratory.

Past Question Papers
petss1Students generally want to test their knowledge of the subject they are studying by attempting past examination questions in that subject. The Tablet is preloaded with past exam papers from WAEC, NECO and JAMB. The student would be able to attempt to answer these questions. Answers are provided so he can easily determine his own knowledge of the subject matter.


Mock Examinations
Apart from attempting past question papers, the PETSS can also generate mock examination questions that students can try to determine how well he would perform in a real examination situation. The questions are selected by the system based on the same PETSS-7-SMEprocess that examiners use in creating question papers.

Several Reference materials have been pre-loaded in PETSS including the following:

  • English Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Holy Bible
  • Khan Academy Videos
  • Holy Quran, in English and Arabic languages
  • CK 12 Flexbooks