Study Abroad

Do you know you can get a world-class degree in Europe at affordable tuition fee? Even at the same rate that you pay in Nigerian Universities?
Some information that you need to get started can be summarized as follows;
Graduates stand for anthem Lift Every Voice and Sing during 2014 commencement ceremonies at Howard University in Washington1. They have specialized programmes. This means that instead of taking very many courses as we do in Nigeria, they would rather make you study fewer courses at the same course units. You will end up spending more time on fewer course and become expert in this area. At the end you become a specialist or expert in an area.
2. Here a lecturer would never be allowed to teach a course which he is not an expert in. You would be taught by experts in the various aspects of your program.
3. You have all the tools to work with and realiable broadband internet free of charge as a student, on campus.
4. The school fees is highly subsidized by the government. For a masters program all the money that you will pay for school fees is almost like what you pay in a Nigerian state school.
5. This people value time. Whether you did HND or BSc does not make any difference to them, they count the number of years that you have spent in a higher institution post secondary education. With you HND you can get a direct admission to the second year of the Masters (Masters2).university2
6. The Masters 2 program is a 10 months program, 4months lectures (1st semester) and 6months (second semester) of research either at the University or a company.
7. You would be paid during the semester. If you are doing it at the school they pay 435 euros per month, it could be more if you are doing it at a company.
8. Students that would like to proceed to PhD do it at the School, while others that would like to work after Masters do it at companies.
The admission opportunity is also available to Bachelors and students interested in doctoral studies.